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  1. AltBantam

    Alt Bantam

    I planned to start this post earlier... I am building Altered/Gasser Bantam with a 60's look. This means a reversed rake. Engine is a 67' Buick 430 I have had for a while. Trans is a 'Dearborn' 3 speed from a 66' GTO. 9" rear end. I am using a Speedway body I bought years ago. Will be a two...
  2. AltBantam

    Rear Suspension Dilemma

    Just posted on Introductions and now asking a question. First. I am building a Bantam using a Speedway Motors body I bought a while back on sale. Made a bunch of measurements. Drew out the rear suspension to make sure there would be plenty of vertical clearances and nothing below the scrub line...

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