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  1. lowtech

    Radiator for a manual trans rod

    It's easy to find a radiator with a built in trans cooler and at good prices. But I'm going manual. If I buy one of these automatic radiators, what do I do with the trans cooler section? 1. Just leave it open 2. plumb it into the cooling system 3. plumb it as an oil cooler. Hmmm 4. ??? 5. stop...
  2. Jeff

    Radiator mounting opinions wanted

    Ok here are some photos of where I am at. My radiator is about 2 inches too high to make the body cowl line match the grill shell. this is right even the bottom of the frame mounting. I like the pump position as I could run a conventional fan. It it about 1 inch off center. I have to drop the...

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