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  1. J

    Paradise, Texas Newby Here

    Hello all, I've wanted a T-Bucket since I first met someone in Tulsa, Oklahoma that built them as a hobby. His T-Buckets were very simple but I fell in love with his creations. I'm now 59 and I finally bought a 1923 T-Bucket. It drives well but is extremely loud and isn't street legal yet...
  2. RPM

    The BIG BOY body

    This new body is 10" longer than a stock bucket, but it is also 6" wider. This one has no door, but we will be offering it with a door also. Just $ 699 for either one, plus shipping or you can pick them up at our shop.
  3. hulkamania

    Status of tbucketeers

    Spirit Cars and RPM (Ron Pope) have been working hand in hand to try and keep this wonderful site up and we both have done a lot of research and behind the scenes work to make it happen. I talked to the hosting company today and Spirit Cars paid the bill for the server to keep the site up for...

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