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  1. spartacus

    Shifter Suggestions

    I have a T-bucket with a 350 chevy in it and 350 transmission. I need to replace the shifter in it with something. I'm looking for one with a tall shift knob if possible. Does anyone have a good suggestion?
  2. PotvinGuy

    Transmission woes

    My TH400 is acting strange. I've put the car's rear up on jacks, and I move the shifter arm at the trans to see what happens. I can run thru all the gears...and nothing moves. But if I leave it in R or D for a while the tires start to spin. The fluid level is good. But the trans is 25+...
  3. PotvinGuy

    Tranny fluid external filter?

    Anyone running an external filter on their tranny? I dropped my pan today. I had put new fluid in about 3 yrs ago. The fluid was still bright red, but there was a thin layer of grey slime on the bottom of the pan. The internal filters are pretty basic and a mess to replace. I was thinking...

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