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60’s t bucket

So my intended 60's t bucket has taken another turn. I may have access to a partially restored Triumph Spitfire. The thought is to use the refurbished frame, engine and drive train with a t bucket tub. Any thoughts if this is doable and what problems may be encountered ? Looking for the expertise of this group before launching in that direction. Thanks.
I admire your creativity! That said, any reason why using a sports car chassis appeals to you more than one of the traditional ladder-type chassis that most T-buckets use? I'm guessing that by the time you fabricate the necessary components to make the Spitfire chassis work you will have spent as much as you would on a purpose-built t-bucket chassis. Consider using the drive train from the Spit with an engineered-for-T-bucket chassis, like one from RPM Motorsports, one of our sponsors. I think it will be more practical in the long run. JMHO

(Glad to see you posting again!)
Hi Spanky,
You ask a fair question. This effort is less about building a classic t bucket and more about recreating a car I learned to drive in some 50+ years ago. Back then, my uncle put a bucket tub on a salvage Triumph Tr3 frame. He used the Tr3 engine and 4 speed drive train. I have great memories of that car. My member picture is the only picture I have of that car. Of course that car is long gone. So, that's the rest of the story. One of the issues in doing this is that Triumph TR frames are notorius for rust. So, if I find one that has been restored, my interest goes up. Hope all of that makes some sense.
With the popularity of vintage racing cars you may be able to find project. It would offer updated suspension low mileage motor ect.
This effort is less about building a classic t bucket and more about recreating a car I learned to drive in some 50+ years ago.
Got it! Like ORF says, if you find a good donor, we'll help with the rest. There may be difficulties, but you're recreating a piece of nostalgia, and you can't put a price on that!

One thing you might consider to minimize the "pug nose" look with the IFS is to move the body back on the chassis as far as possible, and mount the radiator as low as possible. Just my 2 cents . . . 😏


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Another thought: with the 'backbone' style frame of the Spitfire you might need some sort of subframe to support the T body properly.


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