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Rip VW

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I am a little bit frustrated trying to contact RPM. I tried calling but get a recording saying calls will be returned after 6:00 PM. I called and left a message to call me and nothing. I tried the contact us form on his website but it gives me an error saying I am forbidden to send a message. I don't know what else to do to contact them but this doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings about customer service. I will wait another day but after that it is on to Speedway for their pedal. I can understand him being busy and all but customer service is important to me and if this is so hard to get ahold of them I am not comfortable ordering parts. Who know how long it would take to ship a part if I can't even get a response. I don't mean to sound petty but I believe in customer service before anything. Here I am ready for a part and I can't even get a response or contact them.

Is there some sort of secret way to contact them or do I just set and wait?
He could be on vacation or something came up (hopefully nothing serious). He is usually very prompt. IDK
OK, Ron called me this evening and we chatted about the brake pedal and so I put in an order for a pedal for the coupe. It was excellent timing as he said he was making a batch of pedals and would throw another one in the batch for me. So now the part I hate and that is waiting. ha ha

Thanks Ron.
Yeah, that's weird. I've been talking to him recently and he has been very prompt, answered all my questions and even called me when I was expecting an email back. I'd say his communication has been my favorite part of dealing with him.
Yeah Ron strikes me as a up front straight shooter and I like those people. I got a confirmation of order yesterday and this morning a acknowledgement. all all is well.
All my communication problems on my side were because of my antivirus AVG. After I turned it all off I was able to enter his site.
I have had very good service from Ron. He isn’t a big speed parts conglomerate, thankfully, so there may be some delay if he is busy. I wouldn't have any fear of ordering parts from him. He will also do custom one off stuff for you, not possible from most other vendors. Just my experience.
I heard from Ron Yesterday. My brake pedal just got shipped so I should see it soon. :cool:
Expected Delivery by
FRIDAY14 MAY2021by

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Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility
May 12, 2021 at 11:01 pm

Here ya go, Thanks for the order.
Hey Ron, The package arrived this morning at my local Post Office. All was there and in good condition. I really appreciate the quick service!! Have a great day and will see you on the next order!!!:cool:
I emailed Ron yesterday. I asked for a custom sized windshield frame. I want the windshield frame to be the normal width for his BIG BOY body. But , i want the height to be 14"s tall ( o.d ). I sent the email on Saturday ( a weekend ). So , i'm not expecting a head spinning response. I also have a lot of faith & trust in Ron. I purchased a lot of stuff from him in the past.
I've been talking a lot with Ron recently and am going to buy from him hopefully. He's great at communicating. I know this is an old post but I just noticed it. Ron has been super helpful. He took a bit at first when I messaged him, but I didn't expect him to contact me back right away, once he did, he responds in minutes back to you even on weekends. As a business owner myself, that's above and beyond so I wanted to recognize him for that. :)

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