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Do something about EPA domination

The govt becomes more socialist by the day. I see where CA is demanding multiuser solar (apts, condos) sell their energy to the utility at cheap prices, and then buy it back at full price! Even if you have a battery you can't escape the tentacles of govt. Even going completely off-grid will be penalized.
That is not just California. Our local coop does similar. They buy your wind or solar excess at one price and sell it back at a higher rate. They argue their operation cost... never mind ours. The energy cabal is everywhere, bolder in some areas than others. In fact, many areas will not allow you to inhabit your land unless you are connected to the energy grid regardless if you have wind or solar power. One of the many reasons that I’m suspicious, to be kind, of all so called green energy issues like EV’s, solar, wind, etc... I’m not against the technology, the logic is faulty.

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