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How to Add a Door?

Scott's Rods has a door kit. Been looking at it myself.


I wish someone made a wider than normal version of a kit like this
So are you saying you have to reinforce the body to cut a door out , I have seen them with just the door and edges built up with wood and fiberglass, it sounds like that was not correct
Make sure the body is securely fastened to the frame before doing it. You want the body to be as it will be when finished so the gaps and alignment work. Attach wood reinforcement to the inside to create the jambs and door reinforcement, then cut it out and hinge, latch, finish it. That’s my advice. Btw, pay attention to the windshield post mounting area before you do it, there isn’t much real estate in that area. I had to relocate my doors rearward and eliminate the molded door reveals to allow sufficient space.
FB_IMG_1551836900918.jpg I had to move the reveal away from windshield post on mine. I also moved it up so when I opened door I didn't have a step up. When I channeled body 3" it had my door opening below the floor. Leave a big door margin all the way around. I didn't allow enough for the thickness off the primer and paint. It really got tight on door latch side.

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