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Thank You Everyone


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It seems that the new upgraded site format is a hit. Everyone seems to be finding their way around okay, and we are getting a nice flow of new members coming in (Welcome to the Family).

We appreciate everyone being a member here and supporting the site, whether monetary &/or with your time and knowledge. The T-Bucket community is a family, and that is how I feel about all of you.

Also a BIG Thank You to everyone who has donated to help with the site’s monthly expenses. Many of you have even setup a monthly auto donation, and I can't say enough how relieving that is to have a consistent influx of money to help cover our business costs of running this site. Unfortunately, it does not cover all the hosting costs, but it definitely does help, so thank you.

If you have been meaning to donate (any amount helps) please don't wait any longer. We do want to keep payments as a volunteer thing and not turn the forums into a paid membership. There is a Donate link in the top menu bar to make it easy to help out this site.

Thank you so much for being part of our family, and we hope you have a great day.
Janet & Andrew - your hosts 😄

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