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Component Check & Build Sequence Tracking

Discussion in 'T-Bucket Engine and Driveline Articles' started by Indycars, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Indycars

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    Mar 11, 2010
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    I find lots of uses for Microsoft Excel / Spreadsheets. It helps me plan and think about my goals and the process involved to get there. It doesn't mean that there are NO mistakes or changes made along the way.....but it does mean LESS mistakes and changes. I sifted through books I've read and conversation I've had with others; and came up with the engine checks / measurements that I wanted to make sure got done.

    There are some tasks that I can do myself and there are some tasks that the machine shop must perform. For example CCing and polishing the combustion chambers I will do, but line honing the mains or deck plate honing the cylinders to fit the piston properly is a machine shop only operation. If it's the machine shop that's responsible for the operation, then I like to VERIFY what they have done to the best of my ability. I most likely won't have the same accuracy, but maybe I can tell if they made a blatant mistake. You will have to edit and make changes to fit your situation, let me know if can help!

    Here is what it looks like .....


    And this is how you use it .....


    The example (Main Bearing Clearance) uses all three possibilities, X, MS and V. I wanted to measure(X) before sending crankshaft and block out. I wanted the Machine Shop (MS) to check and set the clearances, then I want to Verify (V) the work. As you can see in the picture, I still need to verify the clearances and when I finish verifying I will make the background GREEN. Similar to"Check Crank for Straightness". As I scan down the left column, I can ignore any rows with green, I don't have to examine every row in detail to see if I'm done. I much prefer this to a paper form, I can easily make changes at any time. Maybe I got the sequence wrong, no problem, just make the changes and done in a few seconds

    All the work took place in the first three phases, there are eight phases possible in the spreadsheet. Other operations will have to come later, such as "Decking the Block" and "Balance Rotating Assembly", so it helps me see the logical sequence of the many operations that must be performed.

    What do I do next, just look at my spreadsheet !

    I re-designed the form for printing. It now only has columns for 5 Operations, where the other was 8 Operations wide. Also removed all color, other than some gray shading. Deleted some of the checks down the left side if they were less important, but leaving blank lines that could be written in when wanting to add another check. The form is 3 pages long printed in landscape orientation.

    When you want a paper copy, print the downloadable PDF file, don't print the picture. It's only to show what it should look like. If you have Excel or the free software called Open Office, then you could make your own changes and when it has all the checks listed that suits you, then print it out directly.

    This is what the first page should look like when you print the PDF file.


    Maybe this will help YOU put logic to your engine build, good luck !!!
    Comment, suggestions or feedback are welcome !

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