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.040 aluminium sheet in buffalo ny - $60 for a 4'x8'

Not open for further replies. prices them at $97 (give or take) per 4x8

the local "metal supermarket" charges $73 per sheet

Klein steel (a local carbon / stainless / alum warehouse) charges 125+ for a single sheet, and you would probably have to buy at least 15 sheets from them to get them for $60 each

all the above prices would then be plus tax, except for the price in the thread title

if anyone in the area wants a large piece, i can pick it up for ya
if anyone outside the area needs a shippable size piece, i can do that too for ya

my boss talked me into using aluminium where ever possible on my project car, so im getting 2 full sheets for firewalls, water tanks, oil tank, and a bunch of other stuff too, so i can pick up more then 2 sheets if anyone else wants some
.040? seems a wee bit thin to me.
going to be a bear to weld up without blowing holes in it.
thinest I used for tanks and such was .080 and even then my tig guy cryed
while welding it.
the 040 regular aluminum or "chem metal"(sp)? chem metal comes shiny or
yea, its not heavy duty stuff, but it meets spec for firewalls and floorboards for most racing bodies, and since thats all going to be riveted and epoxied in on my car ill be fine.

anything that I'm welding I'll add flanges to so its backed up, but thats just a few parts i have to do that on, nothing big either

and since an entire sheet is like 18.2 pounds it should save me a bunch of weight on the car compared to steel :)

just posted it here just in case anyone needed some for something
after shipping and such, i wouldn't be able to beat anything u can find localy, as i would also have to take time off work to unload it from the klein truck and to reload it onto a shippers truck

the only reason i can get these so cheap is because a local guy wound up with a pallet of 35 of them .... somehow .... im assuming he knows someone that did a big job and wound up w/ to much material, or someone who ordered the wrong material for a job and couldnt return it

usually stuff like this doesnt fall off a truck in close proximity to people with fork trucks
Lowrollerchevy said:
...usually stuff like this doesn't fall off a truck in close proximity to people with fork trucks

The only thing that ever falls off a truck or trailer is when I'm riding my Harley and have a 1/4 sheet of plywood flying off the back spinning towards me like a guillotine trying to separate me from my head!
Not open for further replies.

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