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Totaly awesome numbers from then to now.So many awesome members.
Holy Smokes!
10,003 now :rofl:
Yea I messed around all day at work and got home and was watching it, Went to the shop for a minute, came back and it was 10,005.......Maybe I'll get the 1 millionth
Well, it just goes to show you.

Saturday morning, I saw we were at 14,904 posts, so I figured we would break 15,000, at some point late Saturday.

We've had an apparent outbreak of lockjaw, as here it is Monday morning and we're yet to break 14,950. I think everyone was out enjoying the warm, summer weather over the weekend.

So, who's going to post 15,000? ;)
I visit the forum several times a day looking to see what I can learn. I noticed there wasn't much activity this weekend. It's festival time in the small towns across middle America so there were probably a lot of small car shows to go to and the lakes are prime for boaters, skiers and families just out for a good time. I spent part of my weekend getting a swarm of bees out of a tree and getting them into one of my hives. The people in that part of town were glad to see them go. The rest of the time I just vegged. Hopefully things will pick up this week and I will gain more knowledge here as I gather ideas for my build.
You know what's funny? I have a T-shirt with a bucket on it. The last 3 times I've worn it out in public, I've had someone tell me about this great site on line called T-bucketeers. That's incredible! Owatonna has a population of about 10,000. I just smile and tell them I know about it.:)


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