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$20 dollar Power Bleeder


I built a power bleeder out of a 12 dollar garden sprayer and a barbed Milton fitting. I used the stamped steel master cylinder cover that I welded the vents closed and then welded a stainless steel bung onto with super missleweld. The bung is threaded with 1/4 npt fitting for the male end of the Milton fitting. I then found an old psi gauge that I drilled and tapped into the sprayer tank.
How much pressure did it take to push through your system?

And how much brake fluid did the tank need?
I read the instructions from a commercial unit and they say about 10-15psi is what you need. Im going to put about 2 quarts of fluid in. I can always pump it back into the containers when done. If I think I can use it within a week or two. I had it up to nearly 20 psi so far.

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