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2008 BucketHead BASH


We will definitely have a video of the 08 Bash event. We will also probably do some live broadcasting.
officer Sell memorial cruz.

The Friday night memorial cruz for officer Jim Sell looks to be a big deal. here is a link describing the event.

Full bloom

Been getting up early almost every morning to work in the garden getting ready for the 4th annual Spirit Friends and family reunion. This event is at our house the 15th of July. It is in conjunction with the Bucket head Bash and is again this year open to any one who has a bucket whether it is a Spirit or not. Last year my wife Ann thinks we feed about 200 and this year as strange as it has been who knows. Maybe a lot less, maybe a lot more, maybe the same. Barron Von Willie will again be grilling what is becoming his world famous chicken and of course there will be all the fixins. We will be posting the address on the Bash site in the schedule when the event is closer.

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