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2008 North Texas BBQ

Not to try to hijack this thread but there is another discussion on the board on trailers. If you look at the fourth row down and the fourth picture from the left there is a nice little trailer pictured that would be very handy if you just want something to carry your "possibles" with you to a show or on a trip. Unless you want a trailer to show with your car something like this one would be a perfect choice (imho). They are relatively inexpensive at HF or Northern Tool and are very functional. And this example appears to have been done very well.

Nice array of photos TubT. Looks like you had a good time.

(I noticed the trailer doesn't have a tag on it. Is it from Oklahoma? They don't require license plates on trailers there.)
NiceTub-T. Thanks for the pictures. I was able to get a idea from your car since I too am building a Touring T. Now on another note, this is what me and Tom would like to have happen here in NC with other T owners. I know there are several around here.:clap:
This one of my old cars. Looks like it is doing well. Bob has made some changes to it.

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