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2009 T Bucket Calendar


Question is there a 2009 T Bucket calendar that this site produces? Anyone know where I may get one. You know female models in bikini's wearing high heels and posing with various forum member's T Buckets. On another forum that I have an account with. They produce a yearly calendar of members rides who have won a "cruiser of the month" contest, voted by forum members. Heres a link to clear up any questions.;topic=12817.0;attach=12900;image

Theres a lot of classic and late model muscle cars. Check them out!
As far as I'm concern- No! :drool: :D
T 4 2 said:
Question is there a 2009 T Bucket calendar that this site produces?
No, we don't have any calendars. Nor do we have any plans for any calendars. While they might sound like something people would want to purchase, I'm guessing they would be about as popular as these stacks and stacks and stacks of t-shirts everyone just had to have. :D

From here on out, we won't be offering any promotional items that cannot be made up on a per-order basis. Once bitten and twice shy is my new motto.

Did I mention we still have stacks of t-shirts?
1. I have LOTS of pictures of T Buckets.

2. There are LOTS of pictures of ladies out there all over the internet.

3. I have Photoshop.

4. My company's website has a Calendar making program.

5. Profit?


But if you happen to want to make your own Calendar with whatever picture you might want...

Check out our program, it's 100% FREE. Should be rather simple to use also.

It seems to work great with our new 11x17 inkjet. I made a nice big calendar for my desk with a big picture of my car.

Oh, ok. It was just a thought. Maybe make a few bucks for the forum.

T-Odd, PM me some of those pix's with ladies and T Buckets. I've been searching and only find a few of them here and there.

Webmaster, Could you PM a pix of the shirt and cost/shipping. May need to add a few items to my Christmas list!

I have pictures of T Buckets and there seems to be an endless supply of pictures of females on the internet.

Photoshop the T bucket Picture and add the ladies...

For some reason there aren't many Purty Ladies posing with T Buckets for some reason.

Except for LumenAl's pics that is.

the ladies LOVE his car.

{goes off singing "she don't love me, she loves my automobile"}
I read this post to the wife and she offered to pose when my car is done in her one piece (ARG) i told her i thought i would pass. Now she wont speak to me damit frozen pizza again.
Theres pictures of ladies on the internet???Hmmm i'll have to check that out Hmmm
When i was in high school i made a calander of myself for a girl friend. Most of the pics included my pride and joy at the time ford ranger my mom took it to a copies place and made it into the calender turned out great she even gave it back when we broke up lol

My wife is a photographer and has done calendars before. It's getting a little late in the year to make January but let me talk to her. Do you think there is enough interest? If so, I'll get back to you.

It is just an guess-timate, but I'm guessing we still have around 4 dozen shirts on hand.

We got a couple orders over the weekend, but only one of the orders was paid.

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