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2010 Buckethead Bash video report

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Being a glutton for punishment, I thought it wasn't hot and humid enough in the upper midwest, so I took a quick trip down to Mountain Home for the 4th Annual Buckethead Bash.
After returning home, wringing out my clothes, and some quick photo editing I threw together a video from a couple hundred pics.
If you weren't able to be there, hope you enjoy the video.


Hey thanks for the effort. Ts aplenty and everyone a statement
Very cool
The Buckethead Bash video saga continues with a short one on the black flamed T-Bucket with the EZ In&Out Top:
This was one of the finest T-Buckets at the event and one of the finest I have ever seen. He even had an air parking brake setup. Small little pistons that engaged the brakes from an air tank and compressor. I talked to him about the top and asked if he had a set of plans for it ... he said it was all in his head. There were many neat things about this T that you could spend hours discovering. I asked him what he did for a living and he said "I tinker".
Thanks for the response. Another one that caught my attention was what you might call the "Gumball Machine" T-Bucket

I've added a video on it as well.
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