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2010 Trans Am


I have a question.....did they make the 2010 Pontiac Trans Am? A friend shoed me a small small pic she took at a car show but it looked like a Camaro with a Trans Am Bird on the hood and besides I thought Pontiac went under....
No Trans Am and no Pontiac as far as I know. They do, however, still make Aqua Velva to splash all over your body and clothes in case the Trans Am comes back. (think Disco)

Made byyyyy....... Mennen!:lol:
see that's what I thought. She swears it was a new TA but when I looked at the picture it had the Camaro front and a TA bird decal on the hood. I tried researching the car but no luck and the concept one looked different than her pic.
Is this what you saw I think it is a kit

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