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25 degrees in t bucket


Went to work this morning probably the last good day got to 57 today.\

I envy you, my buckets already in the garage for the winter.
Telman keep it out for nice days it is way colder here than by you.My link
I wiil put it away this weekend they are talking snow that will stay next week.
I've already got the rearend and suspension off, I should have replaced it a couple of years ago. A friend gave me a complete rearend off a 89 firebird that will be going in. I'm in the process of having it narrowed and I've ordered new axles for it. I hope to get it done before it gets too cold to work out in my garage if not I'll have to wait for spring to finish it. When that's done the master cylinder will be the next on the list to replace. This is what you have to deal with when you build a car in the late 60's with junk yard parts from the 40's.

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