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28 year homecoming...



This is the car I grew up with and in. It has been in the family since 1972. it has been in storage for about 28 years or so. It was a bit hard to watch dad, he always wanted to fix it up but never took the time.. now with parkinsons and severe rheumatoid arthritis I can only hope to get it back to functional while he still has a chance to enjoy it...
Nice one. Hope it doesn't turn into a lowrider. :D
Todd said:
Nice one. Hope it doesn't turn into a lowrider. :bed:
That was always one of my biggest fears... dad wanted to fix it up, drive it to califonia and sell it.. uuugh....Yea he coulda made some money but you know what would have happened to it. Probably why he never let me play with it when I was a young budding hotrodder also..
:rolleyes:Poor baby needs an aught nine
jmr122848 said:
:rolleyes:Poor baby needs an aught nine
one W block in the shop is enough... putting a 348 tri power in the next door neighbors 60 impala...hope to have that done this month. Waiting for transmission. decided to pull in and have it rebuilt while the engine is out...
63 impala SS cool my high school girlfriend had a 64 man did that thing have a big ole back seat.

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