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29 fendered 23 C-cab


New to the forums so I thought I would run this past everyone. I ordered a 23 c-cab from spirit and intend to have it full fendered with 29 fenders and running boards. has anyone else done this?
I don't know why it doesn't show, it comes up for me.
Its just a box with a red X.By the way welcome to the Forum and good luck with your build sounds interesting.
Thanks for the welcome, I'm really excited about this build and will fiqure out how to get the pictures up.
This was just a quick crop job that I did when I started thinking about the project. I'll be looking for alot of help in the near future. the body should be ready in a couple of weeks.
I can see it now.Very nice should be pretty cool.It will not be as wide so take that into consideration when you start.The width of a T-Bucket is less than a 29.You COULD widen the C-Cab though to fit the 29 frame.A very different look indeed.
Rick, I concidered that when I ordered the body, I ordered it without the floor and will probably slice it right down the middle when the frame fenders and such are mocked-up. most of the chassis will be based on the 29 frame.
As you progress keep taking pics and post them on your progress.EVERY step of the way.
Neat ride concept will cut down on chips in paint. Welcome to the site.
Rn, I got your message. I don't know what's up with the pdf on the frameplans. I'll look into it.

Here's some things to concider;

~ build a Model A type frame, easier to mount your fenders and gives you more room for exhaust, battery, etc.
~ the running board aprons will be sandwiched between the body and the frame, filling any gap between the body and the frame.
~ the pickup or coupe rear are wider than the sedan fenders, should fill the gap from the narrower body.
~ using a dropped I beam axle with the spring over the axle will keep a stock type of appearence that your pic shows

This is a doable project. Total sold a '27 body with '29 fenders and IMO those fenders looked great.

Widening the body, again IMO, will destroy the look of the car. The stock body has great proportions. I would leave it as molded and make the fender assembly fit the body.

Oh, buy the way, welcome to the site!!!!

That's going to be a great looking C-cab I love the design, welcome to the forum.
Very neat design, would like to have one myself. Widen it if you will be more comfortable and it will fit you better, the heck with tradition, if it isn't comfortable you won't drive it as much or very far, if I build another car from scratch, it will be longer and wider than 99.9% of the ones you see, may look strange, but I built it to suit me, not everyone else, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time! Welcome to the Forums and please post progress pics as you can! Eddie :cool:
Hey everyone,
just waiting to find out when I can pick up the body and then I will post how I get it done. Got some BS virus on my computer called Personal Antivirus and had to barrow a computer till I get it fixed. Why do people have to mess with people that don't mess with others?
Hey everyone,
I whent to Spirit today and picked up my C-cab. I've got to tell you these guys are great, made me feel like packing my tools and moving to their shop. Anyway while I was there they just happened to have a set of 29 fenders and running boards lying around and I got to lay it out at their shop. ....Ron
shotened 32 grille test fit.............Ron

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