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350 engine and transmission


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Morning Everyone: Even though it will be sometime before I can start building my "T" I am still busy gathering information. Since mine will be built on a very tight budget I am looking toward a low mileage donor car. A friend of mine knows of a late 80's Camaro that has a 350 engine, the car has belonged to a relative of his since new and has a lttle over 50,000 miles on it. What I don't know is about the transmission, would this car probably have a 350 transmission? And if so would it be the short shaft type that I would need for the bucket? If this seems like a good possiblity I may try to go ahead and buy it and store the engine and tranny until they are needed. Thanks for the help.
Bob, I'm fairly sure that car had a 350 tranny, but I don't know about the tail length.:sad:
First off yes "THM350"'s from a 1980 camaro would be a short tailshaft

If i were you I would double check the VIN on the car, more importantly the 5th digit. Fifth digit is engine code: A = 231ci V6, H = 305ci V8, J = 267ci V8, K = 229ci V6, L = 350ci V8

Only Z28's had 350's but not all Z28's had 350's, some had 305's

good luck to you.
Thanks for the information guys, Nailbomb I will definitely check out the engine code, He might have just assumed it was a 350 because it has a V-8 in it.
Thanks: Bob

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