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4-bar front ends

i don't know if anybody is interested in this but i have been making my own 4-bars for quite awhile this way and they have held up. i had them on my last t and A coupe i built and they worked well. anyway, it does take some machining so if you have access to a lathe your all set. it could be done with a hand drill, but it would take more work to get it straight.
1. go to your friendly neighborhood wrecking yard and get 4 sway bars off the back of coil spring mounted car rearends. prefferably the same type of car. they look like this. these came from a 60-70 chevelle. i went to a 50% off day and got them for about $17.00 for 4.

the ends have those rubber bushings like a shock absorber has. like this.

2. you need to remove the bushings and cut the end of one of them off about 3/4 to 1'' from were the bushing was.
3. put the long part in the lathe and drill into it about 2'' and then thread it.
4. take the short piece and drill into it's end as far as you can without going through the round bushing end.
5. now take a grade 8 bolt to match the threads you put in the long end and cut the head off.
6. weld the bolt in the end of the short piece. at this time, it would be good to get a better weld around the place the bushing is welded to the long round bar as the factory seems to just spot weld it on.
7. now the short piece should just screw into the long piece and viola! you have a 4-bar.
8. now you need to just buy the nylon bushings and steel sleeves they sell at the street rod shops for a 4-bar and install them. i make my own batwing brackets and frame mounting plates but you could buy them too. like this.

Just thought I'd pass this on 1/2" schedule 80 iron pipe is the right size to drill 9/16" which is the tap drill size to tap 5/8 UNF. Works great for 4 link bars, tie rods, drag links etc.
Nice! Looks like we may need a tech section.;)
I'll second the tech section!!
Tech Section

Well guys you are the Tech section this is what the forum is about sharing your ideas and thoughts about what if this or what if that good job guys.Now just keep it up cause with out your ideas this wouldn't be a viable forum

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