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50% off Cool-Flex Sale

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I just saw this on the Total Performance site -

50% Special For A Limited Time Only!

For a limited time, all Cool-Flex products are being offered at 50% off their normal retail prices! That's right, every radiator hose kit, every heater hose kit, Plugmates, bypass hoses and accessories are currently 1/2 price!

Simply enter code "CoolFlexUSA" in the "Other state" box on the checkout page when placing your order. The discounts will not show on your order, but will be removed at time of final billing.

There's no definition of how limited the sale might be, so if you're interested I wouldn't waste any time. 50% off is nothing to sniff at!
Mike good call but one thing here is that Total SOLD COOL Flex and they might be selling old stock on hand.DON'T QUOTE ME ON THE OLD STOCK THING.Cool Flex is good looking and works very well so good luck guys.
50% off makes me want to get some just to flip at a swap meet or use for trade on something I'll need later.
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