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.600 Caliber Pistol


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.600 Caliber pistol
I wouldn't recommend this for the small concealed carry weapon you are talking about.
600 CAL. PISTOL, read before you watch the Attach.:
You have to watch the Recoil twice, try to follow the gun. This video is basically a 'show and tell' custom built pistol on a Thompson Encore (fancy version of the Thompson Contender). The Caliber...600 Nitro Express. That's elephant gun round in a handgun. The story goes that the guy that built it is some kind of custom gun maker, and built this as an exhibition piece. He takes it to the range with him just to show it off, and the big guy that shot it (in the video) had been bugging the builder to let him shoot it. Only until fairly recently (early-mid '80's IIRC) the 600 Nitro Express was hands down the biggest, nastiest, hardest hitting, and heaviest recoiling weapon you could buy. It was designed for one simple knock an elephant flat on his rear... IMO, it was really built as an exhibition piece for guys 'compensating' .. This cartridge is known for breaking collarbones, arms and shoulders...of the shooter!
> In the gun world they use what is termed a 'recoil index' to kind of give prospective buyers an idea of what a gun kicks like.. A 30-06 gets a rating of a 1.0, which for many people is about the limit of what they can shoot multiple rounds thru comfortably. A 243 BR is rated at like a 0.4, a 270 was like a 0.8, etc. The 600 Nitro Express is rated at a 9.4... 9.4 times more punishing power than a 30-06. Now watch the video......the video provides a clear, definitive example for the word "idiot"...?
And an idiot trying to fire it ...
I bet if you could have attached a cheese steak sandwich to that pistol it wouldnt have slipped out his hands reguardless of the recoil.
so much for super heros .... "BLUBBERMAN" :welcome:

I had the pleasure, if you want to call it that, of firing a custom 45-70, single-action six-shooter. I wouldn't recommend it for a concealed weapon either. That is unless you want to impress the girls and wear it in your shorts.

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