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60's style "T: highboy


Has anyone built a 60'S style highboy "T" Bucket? I built one way back in 59 just before I joined the USMC. ( CWO 3rd RECON 26 years ). I drove the wheels off that little ( steel body ) car for a year. It had a 46 ford 59 ab flathead engine, (much modified, WOW) linclon zepher trannie, 46 ford rear end, 34 dodge tube axel frontend, ETC,ETC.
Anyhow what do ya'll think about such a project.
That would be sooooo cool! Let me know if you need help finding some of those parts. Ain't no'tin prettier that a dressed up fhat moter!
Well youngster, the flat motor is out of the question because they are spensiveee. I am thinking about using a Toyota engine w/automatic trannie. Thanks for the post and I will be waiting for your plans too

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