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61 degrees today


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Yes it was 61 degrees here this afternoon so I fired the bucket up and went for cruise. Man it felt good to get out in the hot rod for awhile. Didn't get to go too far only about 20 miles but it was great. :thumb:
Hey Ron: 37 degrees here in Michigan. Got my engine pulled with Thomas' help. Tearing down to paint.
I know you needed that, Ron. It's been in the 70's here. I was going to go for a quick spin today, but spent the day cleaning and installing a speedo cable. Gonna be mid 60's next week. I'm getting antique plates next week. :hooray:
It's actually 50° here in Central Indiana this morning. :hooray:

But we're meant to pay for it, as the high for Tuesday is forecast for 25°. Around here, we take what we can get in January. The average high for today is only 19°.
I haven't been out in about a week because of all the rain. It finally stopped raining for awhile. It's about 50 degrees, cloudy and there's supposed to be another storm headed in. Maybe i should get off the computer and go for a cruise before it hits us again.
Rained here all night then started snowing at 8 this morning only have 2 inches of fresh snow though.
Took 'er out for a short cruise earlier today (about 10 miles) and had a blast. Nothing like bundling up and cruising the freeway when it's about 50 degrees, cloudy and threatening rain. The looks on people's faces was priceless. They just knew i was having more fun than they were.

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