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7 Degree Taper


Hello All
I’m sure some of you have had this problem before.
The 7 degree taper in my steering arms is to deep…not the correct word, maybe oversized is better.
When castle nut is done up snug split pin hole is above castle nut.
A thick washer would make it better but that’s not how it should be.
I’m sure there used to be a tapered split shim you could get in different thicknesses to fix this.
Does anyone know if there is in fact such a thing and where I may be to get a couple ?
Failing that I could Macgyver some up out of shim stock.
Or is there a better way I haven’t thought of ?
Thanks, Neddo
Sounds like the depth of the taper is machined/ reamed too deep and does not match the taper diameter of the steering arm. I've never heard of a tapered bushing to correct that. It would probably be a quite thin walled bushing!
Shim stock cut to shape (Cone) will sort it, or see if a mate with a lathe can machine a shim, it's reasonably intricate to machine.
Thankyou for the replies
To complicate the issue my tie Rod runs below the lower four bars. I have to maintain a minimum of 1/2” clearance. With 3/16 washers I am to close !
Shim stock it is.
Annoying having to do this with “ quality” new parts.
Tie rods can be closer than 1/2”. They go up and down with the radius rods. Any clearance during full steering movement is good. You know caster angle will affect clearance. Is yours close to 7 degrees?
Physically I know the tie Rod won’t touch but our rules here in Aus dictate clearances between components.
Caster is at 7-1/2 degrees relative to the floor.
I did a test today with a shim and It will work good.
Just curious, how thick of a shim was needed? I'm thinking .005" thickness is probably all you would need.

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