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700r4 with holley carb..


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took a 700r4 tranny to have it gone through, basicly check the clutches and such, and to put a transgo shiftkit in it..

learned something while i was there. a holley carb throttle arm does not have the correct ratio for the 700r4 to function correctly.. the reason , 700r4's were never put behind a holley, therefore holley didnt have to correct it for a factory application, you can buy an extension that mounts on your existing throttle arm, or they make a complete replacement plate.. without the correct ratio, your trans doesnt build the correct pressure and will shift sluggishly..
i run a 4150 holley with a 700r4 and i have fooled with the adjustment of the tv cable for awhile i even called lokar,holley and bow tie overdrives. i never knew they made a bracket like this where did you get it and what is the part # thanks bill:neutral:

part# 510-20-121

to be used with the transmission kickdown cable bracket
part# 510-20-95

i havent looked but i bet lokar, or someone else would make something like it, not sure though..

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