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A Bucket owner wannabe


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Thought I'd step out of the shadows and introduce myself. I've been a lurker for a while now and have been admiring lot of your rides and comrodery.
I finally convinced the wife we really need one of these fasinating machines, now I am in the research phase trying to decide what Kit manufacture to use.
I hope to have a rolling chasis by winters end of 08, but I've always dreamed big.:lol:
We live in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina and looking forward to being associated with this great board and maybe be a contributer some day!

Thanks for a great site!

Jim aka Yogi
Hi Yogi! Welcome to the T-Bucket Forums.

As you've doubtless noticed, we've a broad spectrum of members here. We've got guys that are already cruising, guys that are building and guys like me that are still trying to pile enough money up in one place to get the parts and pieces.

Don't hesitate to jump right into discussions. We are all here with the idea of learning from one another and I'm sure you've got some insight to share with us all.
Welcome, Yogi! Glad to hear from you. Well, you're in luck, I'm doing a Total build and Thomas is doing a Spirit kit. If you have any questions, just ask. He's just waiting for it to arrive soon. So, once he gets his, you'll have a good first hand account as to how good it is. I like my Total stuff. Everything fits the way they said it would and the tech support is awesome.

As we speak, they are having a special this week. Free shipping if you get the kit. I think it expires on the 8th of this month. They have a habit of dropping the specials on holidays. I think the next one will be Labor day. Just keep checking their site. They also have a lay away program.

Best advice, call the companies and do your research. If you can do like Mike, pay them a visit. I did mine a bit at a time, but the kit is the way to go.

Good luck and welcome to the site!:lol:
hello yogi, glad to see you came out of the shadows. With any luck some more of the lurkers will too.

i'de also like you to look into that elusive 3rd option when it comes to a build, get someones old project off them.

for example if your willing to do a little digging theres a T-bucket on the H.A.M.B. in the classifides going for $4K right now thats damn near complete down to a 305 and th350.

heres a link and you'll see what i mean.

just another option to your disposal, for that price i'de say its a steal.

(I know, I know, i tell the lurkers to come out of the shadows on here but i am one on both the hamb and, leave me alone:p)
Welcome Yogi, as you can see, you now have a bunch of new friends. I've never meet Mike or Fred but I feel like I've known them forever. Someday I hope to meet them face to face. One of my goals is to get to one of those Buckethead Bash outings they have once a year. Hope to see you all there someday.

Thanks guys! Been on several boards, but this one feels like home.
Both Total Performance and Spirit have a great looking product, and as Nailbomb point out, taking on someones abanded project is a possability too.
Ahh decission's decissons....gotta love it!

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