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A report from June


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I'll try to give you a monthly update on how things are going around here.

In June, we picked up a total of 931 new posts. It seems like a soft month, but the truth of the matter is we typically see this every year. I think it has something to do with everyone wanting to be outside, enjoying all of their summertime activities. :tan:

In that same time period, we added a total of 52 new members. Welcome to all of them, BTW. The average per day was actually up a bit, in June. We generally average somewhere around 1.3 - 1.4 new members a day and June's average was 1.73.

While posting seemed a bit soft, our total traffic numbers for the month were up 5% over May. Which broke the traffic record set in May. So while we don't have a lot of people posting, we do have more and more people looking in, to see what we're all about.

We also set a record for search engine visits, back on 8 June. Spider traffic varies widely from day to day. We generally see between 8,000 and 12,000 spiders a day. I watch the numbers, just to see how that traffic is doing, but it's a number that is out of my control, so there's not much I can do if the number drops to 7,500 on a given day. On 8 June, we were absolutely assailed by 24,593 spiders. And on 10 June, we were hit by another 21,680. Pages are getting indexed quickly and the total indexed count continues to climb.

In another thread, T-Odd had mentioned Windows and Internet Explorer are a bad combination. Well, bad as it certainly is, look at these numbers.

Windows / Internet Explorer users accounted for 54.52% of last months traffic.
Windows / Firefox users came in at 24.85%
Windows / Chrome users came in at 7.93%
OS X / Firefox users came in at 4.37%
OS X / Safari users came in at 4.28%
Linux / Firefox users came in at 1.50%
iPad / Safari users came in at 0.85%
Windows / Safari users came in at 0.48%
Windows / Opera users came in at 0.39%
OS X / Chrome users came in at 0.18%

As pitiful as Internet Explorer is, it still accounts for over half of the users that visited this site during the last month. All other Windows users totaled 33.65%. I'll just keep trying to educate IE users about their numerous options and encouraging them to make the switch.

The best number of all? We hit our monthly donation goal, dead center. I paid the host, first thing this morning, so we're all set for the month of July. :sun: Thanks to everyone who donated, the fact remains this site continues to exist because of your generosity.

And that brings me to the only depressing number I can manage to find. The donations total for July is sitting at $00.00, all over again. Here we go again, at the start of another new month.

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