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A v-12


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I found this on the rat site.
Kinda different 6 plugs showing and 4 exhaust pipes.
Kinda different 6 plugs showing and 4 exhaust pipes.
A Ford flathead V8 has 3 pipes and 4 plugs per side so why not 4 pipes and 6 plugs per side on a Lincoln flathead V12?

Here's a picture of a Lincoln Zephyr Flathead V12 from 1941 Lincoln Continental.


Every once in a while ya here of one out there. I wonder if they are just as bad about cracking as like a 8ba or a 59a. Even if they are, I think I would take my chances with one of those babys!!!
The '48 Continental was 292 cu. in. and 120 hp. A smaller one was offered in '39 at 276 cu. in. and 110hp. The big one was the 414 monster at 150 hp. last offeredin '39. They had the same problems as there lil brother the V-8 had. At one time edlebrook offered speed equipment for them as did Isky. awesome engine with lots of aluminum stock parts to polish for the detailer.


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