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About that grin.


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First, a little film short.

Well, in case you have not figured it out yet, I started the engine in my bucket today!:rofl::lol::lol:

Yea, that grin people talk about, when they start the engine or take that first drive....... it's for real. Heck, the guy accross the street that was with me was smiling more than me!

The day started out with me installing the chrome friction shock levers that Rick sent me. Thanks again, man! They are definately a nice touch to the front end! Well, with that done I got ready to go home and it hit me like a lightening bolt. Try and start the engine. So, I told my buddie accross the street and he said let's go for it.

We grabbed some cables, a little gas and a new battery and got going. Since I don't have my radiator yet, I only wanted to run her for a little bit. We checked connections, primed the carb, grabbed a fire extinguisher and let her go. She stumbled a little bit and then........ RUMPITY, RUMPITY, RUMPITY RUMITY...... I gave her a little "goose" and she perked up. She was a little rough and we adjusted the distributer a bit and she calmed to a sweet, but throaty purr. The slip in mufflers produced just the right amount of rumble. We let her go and just stood there. Smiling. Then I laughed, much like the mad scientist. It's alive.

We let her run the gas out that we primed her with and sat down. Shook eachothers hands and smiled and talked of how good she sounded. Finally, he gatheredd his stuff and left. I closed the doors to the shop and sat back down again. I thought about my dad and how pleased he would be. I think he was there. He smiled too.

I just want to thank all of you guys for the advice you have given me and for the advice I'll need in the future.


I appoligise for not having a video, but I'll have one when I get the radiator hooked up and I can let her run for a while longer.
Congradulations Fred, I'm excited for you. :clap: Looking forward to seeing some footage soon.

Thanks, Thomas! Yea, I don't have a video camera, but they sell "one time use" video cameras at a local pharmacy. So, when I get the radiator hooked up so she can run for a while, I'll get one and film it. Man, she sure did sound nice.

How's your build coming?
thats sweet, i'm jealous. you've got a frame, suspension, and a running engine, theres not too much more you'll need befor it'll be a vehicle.

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