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Almost ready for paint




Interesting! I am sure you fertilized it and it grew, otherwise you won't fit into it, ha!
Ron H.
Nice to see that you'll be sitting DOWN inside the car. Nice S-T-R-E-T-C-H job too.

Your almost there remember just keep sanding. Nice looking bucket.
The closer you get the closer you will be. Rooster chapter 11 verse 7
My wife says she thinks you made up that verse.:cry:
:pray:She should ask for forgivness for mocking the book of Rooster.
Just a coat of primer will work till you drive the legs off of it for a while, get all the bugs out, then think about paint with color in it.. I would leave the chassis bare till then also, as usually you will find many things need rearranged after driving for a while... Saves a lot of time and money... and paint That is the big advantage to buying a complete kit... :cry:

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