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Another Buckethead in S.E. MI.


Hey Rick, I found another buckethead in Garden City. He has a 1917 T. I met him from the Spirits Bucketbash site. He go's by Butch27. I took some pictures of his build and put them in my gallery. Check it out.

I think Fred would really like what he see's when he checks it out also. The rearend is a 47 ford. He has, I believe two more of them. He also has a couple of corvair steering boxes.

He's been working on the car for about 10 years. Butch is hoping to have it on the road this coming spring or summer.

Ya should bring him over somtime i'd like to talk to him about one of those box's.
I just wrote this neat thing about finding more "T" builders AND I think I forgot to press(Submit??)
Yep: I did. Anyway ; good to meet Thomas and have someone interested in "T"s around here. I'm having fun designing parts that don't fit then redoing it all over again. Really it's a good hobby.

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