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Another newbie from Washington


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Just joined in, because I've been lurking and see that you guys don't have the hate for new ideas that I see on some other forums. I have been planning to build a 26-27' T roadster for many many years, and finally jumped on a body for one. I have a lot of choices to make right out of my own shop on the drive train, and let me say right up front that just because someone or everyone else is doing it one way, doesn't mean I am swayed to do the same thing. I really like "different". I certainly don't have anything against a traditional T bucket, nor T roadster (Is a 26 T roaster a T bucket? I always think of a bucket as an earlier body style... )
I'm probably not interested in a show car, never have shown in the past with any of my other toys, I'm more into drivers. I don't want a real rat rod, but I sure don't want a totally traditional T bucket either. My current plans go along the lines of: Jag engine and trans (I have several available), solid rear axle with 3.5 link and air shocks for suspension, a reversed VW bug front suspension so that instead of trailing arms it has leading arms, etc. (By way of explaination in case someone is not familure with the term, the 3.5 link rear is what I call a normal 4 link except that it has the normal two bottoms links, but the top links are joined over the diff with a single pivot point on top of it, and two pivot points at the frame, set at a 45 degree angle..) Right now, the engine/trans choice is way up in the air, but I love the look of the older Jag polished twin cam covers. (Too bad the darned things are so heavy!) I also have a 215 CI '63 aluminum Olds that would be good, a 4.3 Chev 90 degree v-6 that would be good, a 2.8 Chev 60 degree v-6 that would be good, a 2.8 Ford V-6 that would be good, a 350 SBC out of one of my 'Vettes that would be good but too traditional for me, a 4.1 Aluminum Cadillac, etc., etc., all sitting in my shop ready to go. None are show engines though, and the 350 SBC would probably be the cheapest to dress, but then it would be like everyone else's. I also own a C5 'Vette, and if that engine were available to me cheap, that would be the number one choice because of its docel nature, yet blisterring performance. But, for a T bucket, I really don't need either of those charactoristics very badly, and they demand a heafty price tag still. I do know that it will be an automatic trans., 2"X3" rectangular tubing frame of my design, extremely low chassis stance, and will follow the KISS principle. I'll work it out, and I have plenty of time as my wife say's I have to get the Model A pickup on the road first...
Welcome from Texas. Build it your way. No two T Buckets are the same. Here is mine ...

Yes, it is a Ford in a Ford ... I also looked at 1000s of T Buckets and they all had Chevy engines in them. I found the Ford 302 sitting in a guys garage and that was all it took to get me going on mine. Took about six months to get on the road the first time and another 12 to get it where it is today (the picture is two weeks after final paint).
Welcome to the forum Corley.
Welcome Corley,

Could one of those Jag engines be that little 5.0 supercharged/intercooled V-8? I would love that engine in my Track-T.

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