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Any Help Would Be Appreciated


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Hi Everyone, First off, as always I want to thank all of you who are able to support this site, without your financial support we wouldn't be here. I just can't afford to pay for everything myself.

Now for a friendly reminder for anyone who has not done so recently, if you are able to help out (I know times are tough), but it would be very much appreciated.

We have been low in donations for the last couple of months. :( I know it is also because I have not been posting these reminders (note to self... need to get better at this!).

Thank you for anything you can do, it all helps.
Just my 2 cents . . . I know none of us are "rich" and many are on a fixed income, but if we all give just a little the problem goes away. How 'bout it? And setting up a monthly donation from PayPal is easy-peasy :D
Spanky that is the bestest way........I do it just like you said.........
I donate every month with reoccurring PayPal payments. It's easy that way, don't have to worry about remembering!!!
Spanky, do you remember the icon that used to be on the donation place? It showed the contributors each month. I reminded us about donating.
Great idea. I remember that too, but somehow it disappeared from the main page and I couldn't find it anymore.
I will have to look for a new way to do that, but would love to have the money to upgrade the site software first and we are just not there yet.
I do recall that. My thinking is, why not make a monthly donation like a subscription? Other sites do this. Just sayin . . .:rolleyes:
I have also considered making this a subscription site, but again more software to buy and figure out. And then the concern that not everyone can afford to pay, and I would hate to have to limit access to all the great info in here to just those who can afford the few bucks. I guess if you can afford to run your bucket with our high gas prices a low subscription rate wouldn't be to bad.

My one other option to to start promoting my online store (but it is not a bucket specific store), and since we all need to buy gifts and things that would help sustain the expenses for running this site.
So, WebMistress, now that you've woken up some of us, how do the numbers look? Are we gaining financial ground? At least for this month?
So, WebMistress, now that you've woken up some of us, how do the numbers look? Are we gaining financial ground? At least for this month?
Numbers are good this month... THANK YOU EVERYONE! We are at $165 in donations for November.
That even made up some of the shortfalls from the last couple of months. So very much appreciated everyone.

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