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Anybpdy try one of these yet? New Mallory Distributor


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Chevrolet V8 262-400, 396-502 with COMP 9000 Cap. This distributor combines all of the features of a modern digital capacitive discharge ignition with a state-of-the-art electronic advance distributor. Multi-Strike CD features include digital processing for maximum timing accuracy and the latest hi tech surface mount technology. Fires multiple sparks for 20+ degrees at low engine speeds for better throttle response, quicker acceleration and cleaner burning plugs. Has full electronic timing control - both RPM and vacuum based. There are 7 preprogrammed custom advance curves or design your own using free windows based software. The Vacuum Advance comes preprogrammed for high performance use or it can be custom curved using the design software included. The 3 BAR Map Sensor allows for fully adjustable boost proportional retard and can handle up to 30 pounds of boost. Single stage rev limiting, easy to adjust either inside the distributor or with the software - no chips required. The free windows-based software runs on any laptop or PC, whether the distributor is in the engine or not. All Wiring Harnesses are included and feature weather proof terminals for maximum dependability. All CNC machined billet construction to ensure maximum precision. Interchangeable Distributor Cap feature allows for 2 popular cap styles to be used to best suit the application and available clearance.

Another good product from Mallory. If you like to tinker and like using your laptop this is great. The MSD effect at low RPM is a characteristic of capacitive discharge ignitions and must help mileage while cruising.
Don't forget you need a really good coil to go with it, don't get cheap on the coil. Ditto for the HT wires, with all the digital electronics in there this baby won't tolerate interference from the plug and coil leads, count on that.
Maybe something to replace the wonderful old HEI has cropped up at last.
My interest in it is that it's fully programmable including boost retard, and it eliminates the need for an ignition box like the MSD 6 series. Summit lists is at $395.95 and the MSD 6BTM is $373.95, so for a few bucks more you can really dial in your engine, especially if it's got a 6-71 on top. It even comes with a small cap which will allow it to fit behind the 6-71 on a SBC. This is a very tempting upgrade for me. :)

akitagandy said:
As long as everyone is talking why not just use a 65000 volt HEI $50.00

Because it's not programmable like the Mallory Max Fire. You can hook the Max-Fire up to your laptop and dial in the timing just the way you want it. Plus an HEI distributor won't fit behind a 6-71 supercharger on a SBC and it still needs an ignition box of some type.

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