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anyone else having problems with...

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Just tried IE and Firefox worked fine with both loaded quicker with firefox.
It is messed up! Everytime I try and go from the home page, I end up at a spam site! I hope they get it fixed!

Man! Ike is bad news!:welcome:
If this website has been compromised, do not use a credit card on their site! If they are breached, who knows what kind of interception/collection tools are being used against customer data.

It's 4:00 and i just got off the phone with Brian at Total and this is what was going on.The server was hacked and thats why you were getting the virus warnings and being directed to different sites.The good news is and the Webmaster will verify this is that Total has a unique web site in as that it's multi layered so that the page you go to order is in another layer so that if a hacker can hack one layer chances are he can't hack to this layer and the server has confirmed as much so any credit cards that were used to place orders were not accessed and are not comprimised in any way due to the multi layered site.I hope this helps ease your minds.But i would NOT throw caution to the wind.Be very carefull with your numbers to be safe and use the phone to order.
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