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Anyone familiar with "Shark Hide" protectant?


Hi folks.
I just watched Speed TV and they were showing a protectorant called Shark Hide.

Have any of you used it?
I'm not a fan of "naked" metal but there are times I'd like to leave something unpainted until I get around to it.
This stuff looks like it has promise on wheels and other places too.
Comments anyone? We have MEGA salt air here some this sort of thing is always a big deal.

Maybe this should be in another section of the board.. if so... please throw it where it should be.
Looks like a neat product .But so was SHAMWOW talked to people tat said they where good but wore out quick.
I'd be interested in giving their aluminum polish a try if I can find it locally.
With the extreme salt air and humidity here anything like this gets our attention.
From what I've seen, what's called the "American Rust Belt" is more like a charm bracelet compared to what we on the East Coast of the continent get for rust and corrosion.
Powder coating things here is a waste of time. In fact it's worse. Once a slight crack occurs, the moisture gets under and lifts that stuff off like plastic peeling off, leaving a well-rusted surface.. if there is anything left at all.

There is a dealer in Prince Edward Island (a long day away or 1 1/2 to be reasonable). I'll be going there a couple times this summer so I'll hunt them up and see what gives.
Just thought I ask here first and see what the thoughts were... if I should even bother with the stuff.
It might be the best or it might be snake oil. Then again some times snake oil might be just what is needed to protect metals.
Looks like most of these posts are rather old. Is there anyone that has some feedback on this product after using?

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