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anything need anything CNC plasma cut? implacing an order soon ..

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might as well get some more stuff in on the quote, as t will only serve to bring the price down

currently the stuff on the list will be cut from 1/4" and 3/8" a36 plate/sheet, but other materials can be added

let me know, ill need at least a crude drawing w/ measurements so i can convert it to a CAD file before i send it in

i can even email ya back paper versions so you can check size / fitment / look before i place the order
I've tried without success to PM you a couple of times. I need some brackets cut and have an AutoCad drawing of what I need. If you will send an email to me at leaving out the zeros, I will forward the drawing to you.
i have sent both email and private message responses, im unsure why neither seams to have worked for ya.

regardless, is my email. send the design there and i will have the parts quoted. The current order is actually for laser cutting, but im having enough stuff cut already that that shouldnt effect the price very much. your brackets will certianly be cheaper this way then being run as a seperate plasma cutting order.
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