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As seen on TV.


Any of you guys used the Sham Wow advertised on TV. I know it is a Carney type ad, but are they any good ? Just wondering if it would be good for the bucket maintenance.
I wouldn't bye it JUST because of that guy that hawks it
My boss bought it. He asked me about it before he sent away for it. I told him it had to be a scam. If you came up with something that worked THAT good, don't you think Proctor Gamble would buy your patent and either bury it or exploit it?

He sent away for it anyway. Used it on his Porsche. He threw it away and bought a chamois, which I had told him to do months ago.

The only "WOW!" in it, is how many people still fall for "as advertised on TV". Stop watching it and send me ideas on how Miss Behavin's rebuild should go.:welcome:
Okay Fred,

You did a late 50s/early 60s style bucket and now its time for a late 60s/early 70s style one.

Then if your cops bang into you again :surprised: you can go for the late 70s/early 80s style and claim you are sticking to a theme.

So late 60s is after Ivo and company. I suggest the "Early Times" style that was seen in Rod & Custom in the late 60s and early 70s. Shiney paint, lots of chrome, wires on front (with disc brakes), real fat tyres on the back and a fold down roof and an 18 inch pickup bed.

In the unlikely event that you have to go the next decade later, chop the screen, fit up a low roof that you cant fit under, fit up a 671 blower and zoomies and then at least the cops will hear you, even if they think you are invisible.

A couple of the nurses bought them at the local hospital where the wife worked(she's in housekeeping) and they told her and the others ,don't waste your money and they should be called "scam-wow!"
Didn't say I was going buy any. :welcome: But I was beginning to wonder about them. Seemed to good to be true, so figured it was. Got me a big screen and a surround sound system - have to watch it some to justify the cost to the little woman. Went and looked at some little sports cars to fix up for her to drive, she didn't like any of them ether did I, they were pretty ratty. On the way home a car goes by, she says " I like that one " I looked and it was a Ferrari - I said " OH " and we went home. Think I will forget that idea.

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