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Awsome Canadian junk yard...

To bad he didnt put them up on blocks so the earth didn't get to the lower bodys.
I wonder what's involved with pulling big parts of a car across the border out of Canada into the US. Anyone know how that works?

I sold a 39 Merc to a guy in canada and he drug it home on a trailer.He told the guy that he was bringing back a car he tried to sell at a swap meet and it didnt sell.How that works i dont know but he called me when he got home and said he didn't have any problems at the border.
Man that is one heck of a place i have never seen so many GOOD project cars before. Thanks junk
I read an article in an MG club magazine a few years ago that had a couple of photos of a salvage yard in St. Johns, AZ. The pictures showed early to mid-50s cars parked in front of the fence. I don't know what else they might have had but what I did see made me curious. Maybe one of our AZ members knows about this place and can elaborate.
Be right back ... need to wipe the drool off my chin!!!!

man---- that almost makes me wet my pants :D:D:D
it is too bad is is so far from tx
And our Canadian guys say there's no parts in Canada???

Did you see the VW bus with the wild paint job and "Make Love, Not War" on the door. I bet there's an interesting story there.
Only a two hour drive from my doorstep. I go thru Neepawa about 4 times a year and the worst part is that I never knew this little goldmine existed. Guess I'll check it out next trip.

If he's still got this stuff, I assume it's fairly pricey...but it's worth an inquiry.
nothing to see, no need to stop here, keep on moving... lololololol
all-world1 said:
:lol:Obviously, your trunk is stuffed with cash and you're on the way....
I gots me sum fema funds from the flood! lolol nooo. Im sure this is just one of many still out there.. we have a local tin hog that buys and sells vintage tin and alot of it comes from low sell it like its made from unobtainium..he ships alot overseas..
On a good note I recieved a canadian welding certification this week..:lol:
There is a guy in Coffeyville KS and he has 60 acres of cars but he wont let anyone on his property. It says salvage but the chain is allways up and the dogs are out and i have been told he dont like visitors. I wonder what some of these guys are waiting on, If your dead you have waited to long for the price to peak..
Youngster said:
And our Canadian guys say there's no parts in Canada???

Canada's a big old place Ron. It's the second largest country in the world after Russia. So it's easy to see major differences in climate (therefore more or less rust depending on area) and culture (we do NOT all say "eh" :lol:). We don't all have snow 365 days/year, all speak French or live in igloos. Especially those cowboys in the west. ;)
Consider my area like Maine, with more rust.

I wish we had car stuff like that around here!
Sometimes someone will "import" some parts from the west but the cost is so high that only the wealthy folks get it.
The further east you go.. the saltier the air is and the higher the humidity.
Sigh. :cry:
You know... I'll be 51 this summer and have only ever seen TWO (count 'em) 2 t-buckets in my town. Sad, huh?

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