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Battery chargers

dave kreis

New Member
This might be a helpful hint, its not a bad thing to keep a charger on all the time, let me explain i am in the charger business and we sell and develope chargers, you can usaully by a 3 stage charger that will trickle charge just fine but we go a step further and sell a 4 stage charge meaning that the 4 stage is a floating charge of 500 mili amps. What this does is keep the sulphate from building on the plates while you rod sits, we found this will add to the life of a battery, the sulphate build up between the plate and will eventually short the battey out stitting idle. I am a bucket head; still trying to put my t togther the company i work for is powerstream technology's were on the web. If you farts need a 6 volt to 12 dc/dc convertor give me a call dave i sell alot of these to restoration shops they are really good units
Cheap chargers/boosters left on a battery will cook the water right out of the battery via gassing. Dave's multi stage chargers can be left on. Switching to a Hawker AGM battery, charge loses are less than 2% per month. They also can handle the largest discharge rate per size of battery and can be charged at 2C instead of 0.1C of a normal lead acid. A little 15 lb. Hawker 680 will start any V-8 and save you 40 lbs. of weight and can sit un-used for a year and still have 75% of charge remaining to start your rod.
Yes the gases will exscape but like most new batteries like agm (glassmat) are sealed the cheaper batteries with the caps on the fill holes will let alot of gas go out,we sell all sealed batteries alot of us guys run the optima which are sealed
if your talking about lithium their a different breed the way the chargers work on them is by amps not volts we design and sell both, on the lithium they can get hot when you draw alot of amps so we design saftey boards to keep the batteries from over heating lithium are great but very expensive our 12 volt 55 amp our lithium cost over a grand
On the li-ion battery that works out to a $1.50 per watt/hour. The Tesla uses about 6,831 A123 batteries and is about $35000.00 for the battery pack. If memory serves me, I think the Tesla pack is around 45 kw/hr. For starting our hot rods I prefer a little 15 lb. Hawker 680 AGM battery that can sit all winter and still hold 90% of its charge.

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