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Be Carefull....:(


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Not good to see this stuff,Lost it doing a burnout on the street from
what I've heard.....

HeraldNet: Hot-rod driver critically injured in Everett crash
I have seat belts in mine but from that pic the body flipped forward off the frame.This being the case he would have surly been cut in half if the belts were mounted to the frame.
It would seem to me that the way the body was attached to the frame was poorly done also. For the body to be ripped off like that is very suspect.

As for seat belts, the odds are always in your favor if you are wearing them and they are installed properly. However, there are those that don't like to wear them or are too lazy to figure a proper way to install them, that like to cite the RARE instances where the occupants were better off because they were not buckled up.
I don't have seatbelts in mine, if it flips I want away from it. Maybe my philosophy is flawed, but I don't want strapped into an upside down car with no roof. :eek::eek: ChevyRoxGirl flipped her T at about 70 mph and it came to rest with the cockpit right against a guard rail. Luckily, she was thrown into the woods and survived.

I agree about the body not being installed right.Most of you guys have a firm mount as in a piece of angle iron mounted so the body has a solid mount with a rubber insulater.I have the TP rubber plug mount very scarry to think of this accident cause with my mounts i can see this happening to me.SCARRY
I use my seat belts just because it's a habit. I also have my "motorcycle eyes" on when I'm scooting around. Bottomline, no one can predict an accident, but you can lessen the odds by paying attention.

Last Sunday, while cruising the park, a lady in a SUV turned right in front of me. Luckily traffic was slow with people trying to get into the park. All she did was smile and wave as she turned in front of me, while talking on her damn cell phone! :mad:

Ya gotta watch out for the boneheads and you can't allow yourself to get caught up in the joy of having a hot rod and forgeting basic safety rules. We are NOT driving Volvos!
I don't have belts in mine either. I figure these open cars are like a motorcylce or even a boat.

That is a real shame on that crash, I hate to see that. Anybody know who it was? My biggest fear is hitting a deer at night.
There's a couple of things that jump out at me here. First, best way to survive a wreck is not cause it! Burning out on a city street hard enough to loose it is crazy. Don't get me wrong, I have been known to lite them up once in a while, but there is a time and place for everything.
I'm for the seatbelts, may have saved the driver a lot of injury, may not have, I just think the odds would have been better for him. To each there own, thats what makes us all different. Lets just make these things as safe as possible and be safe driving them.
Strange......Posted this news thing on the NTBA, 68 people have looked
at it and no one has posted a comment on it.
You'd think T-bucket owners would have a comment about a bucket,
Guess they think it only happens to other people. Hmmmmm
By Jackson Holtz, Herald Writer
EVERETT -- Witnesses told police it looked like a man in a hot rod burned rubber and was showing off his fancy car moments before he crashed head-on into a minivan in Everett Friday.

The seriously injured man was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The man, who fire officials said was in his 50s, was listed in critical condition Friday afternoon, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Around 11:15 a.m. Friday, the high-performance 1923 Ford T-Bucket street rod crashed in the intersection of Rucker Avenue and 42nd Street, Everett police Sgt. Robert Goetz said.

Witnesses said the hot rod driver was going fast as he headed south on Rucker. He apparently swerved into northbound traffic to avoid hitting a car that was turning left onto 42nd, Goetz said.

The man was ejected from the modified car and landed about 15 feet away.

"It looked like he got launched out," said Robert Tegland, 20, of Everett, who was waiting for a bus in the area. "It was really sad to see someone on the ground."

The driver of the minivan, an Everett man, 45, was not hurt, Goetz said.

The street was closed until about 2:30 p.m. as collision detectives investigated. They'll try to determine exactly what happened and who, if anyone, might be at fault.

Firefighters said it didn't appear that the souped-up car was equipped with a seat belt. Vintage cars aren't required to have safety restraints, Goetz said.

Still, many owners of classic cars will install seat belts and other safety devices, said John Dahlbeck, vice president, Twin City Idlers, a classic car club in Stanwood.

Dahlbeck said the 1923 T-Bucket is a classic street hot rod modeled after the Ford Model T. Typically, it's a two-seater with fat tires in the rear and skinny tires in front. An engine with lots of polished chrome parts usually is exposed in the front.

The hot rod that crashed Friday had a for sale sign on it asking $15,000 or best offer. After the accident, the car was shattered to pieces.

"He was probably just out for a cruise, because it's a nice day," Dahlbeck said. "My heart goes out to the guy. I hope like heck he gets better."
Track-T said:
Strange......Posted this news thing on the NTBA, 68 people have looked
at it and no one has posted a comment on it.
You'd think T-bucket owners would have a comment about a bucket,
Guess they think it only happens to other people. Hmmmmm

NOPE here is why I read this board first. So I posted a comment about it here. When I got to the NTBA it was old news and I was too lazy to comment twice:lol:
I really don't think the issue here a dang seat belt or no seat belt.......That subject seems to be beat into the ground.
In my opinion the issue should be the moron behind the wheel !!
Several times pictures like this have been posted on the NTBA forums and it always gets into a discussion about a seat belt...Ridiculus, The driver should be flogged !! Showin off on a public street in traffic, has NO PLACE as far as I'm concerned. The driver was in his 50's.......Geez, you'd think he'd have atleast 1/2 a brain by now. "BH"
10,000 bolts to put it together and 1 loose nut to scatter it. Driving skills are just as important that building skills.
Seat Belts or Not???

What would you do if you had this in your body?


Just curious!
Well Gab, that does make a statement, doesn't it :ciao:
Most of us wouldn't be able to sit in our cars. These things are pretty tight. That looks cool and like one of my old race cars but can it be done?
"but can it be done?" Not sure that I understand has been done as far as I can tell...or maybe I've been eating magic mushrooms or something. :lol:

Here is how it fits the body:



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