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Bed cover


Is there a standard bed cover or are all custom made. I'm interested on how are they attached to the bed? I have a 20 in fiberglass bed attached to a stock metal body. :confused:
Clamper, you may have noticed that there are not many "standard" item on these cars. But to your question, there are as many ways to put a cover on the back of these as there are birds in the sky. I have seen or used velcro, cabinet latches, bungees, just pressure, and alot more. I myself use 1/2" plywood with 1 x 2 strips around the outside. I glue and screw this together and fiberglass it to avoid any water penatration. Then have it covered to match the interior and latch it on with what applies to your situation. Now before someone get up and says there are fiberglass covers out there, which there are most becuase of the each situation will need to be modified so IMO you may as well make it yourself to start with.

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I have to go with Randall here. A cover is so easy to build as he discribed it. Maybe we can get a few people to post the hold downs they are using to give you some ideas.

Lee, I must have missed the other post about this hinge.

A bit of clarification here, this idea came from a post by Bill Walthier (Long T) on the NTBA site. He posted a photo of a set that he had bought at a swap meet (IIRC) It looked interesting to me and I worked out the geometry and made the drawings as the original photo wasn't real clear. So the credit for the idea belongs to someone unknown.

Anyway here are the drawings:




Hope this helps! :)
The drawings don"t show any details on the spring. Is it's location critical and how long is it??

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