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Billet Aluminum Cobra Build


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Found this link while surfing the HAMB. It is to Kirkham Motorsports site where they have an online build book showing the build of a billet aluminum chassis Cobra. The craftsmanship is unreal on the aluminum bodies as well as the chassis. Shows what you can do if you have a dream and hire the right people with a lot of talent and tools...oh, and have an unlimited pocketbook!

Grab some popcorn and check this out-- I guarantee you will be astounded!

Kirkham Motorsports - Leading manufacturer of aluminum bodied 427 and 289 replicas
WOW!!! Talk about $$$$! I would be afraid to drive it, then have to clean it! Looks nice.

kirkham builds a lot of parts and cars for shelby. I've seen a lot of shelby semi's between las vegas and Provo Utah
I have a friend that has his Cobra on Ebay with a few days left it is up to $31K and climbing. Search ebay motors New River, Az. He just put $5k into carbs alone.

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