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BOAT Bucket


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I saw this on the BASH site.
Now thats kinda different......Ya know old boats are a dime a dozen and lots of em are free. We have tons of em around here sitting in the weeds and blackberry bushes.
I'm wonderin bout the licensing, I see he has the boat numbers on the hull, I wonder if he has Car Tags ?
I talked to the guy that built it. It is on a Ford Bronco 2 chassis and uses the Bronco dash and vin and title. It was built for a Christmas parade. His dad drove the boat and he skied behind on a skate board. It was so much fun they just kept using it. Said they get stopped by the cops all the time just to have a look at what it is.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to start a new trend or anything....:cry: It is kinda different.
Just visualise it sitting a lot lower, with the wheel wells tubbed, headlights frenched in the bow, and well, ok .....forget it.:confused: I kinda had thoughts of "V" Drives and yea, better forget it...
But there are lots and lots of different hull styles to choose from....."BH"
Wonder what that thing feels like at 80mph, bet it gets pretty light?

Definately pretty unique, gets plenty of attention too.:cry:
I would love to see more of them but a lot lowwer and could you amadgine an outboard drag boat done that way,with them chrom headers sticking out the back !
People around here would just trip out over something like that!

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