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Bodies on today


Soninlaw came around (wantin sumthing ) so i had him help me set the body on. What do ya think.:D:D
Bed is still in the back of the van next weekend will be warmer.
Very nice :thumbsup:
Comin' along nicely!! :D
Looks great BUT what do YOU think ...Thats what's its all about.
build it for Yourself and drive it till the wheels fall off. then start over !
When we set the body on i backed up about 20 feet squated down and the biggest S%^T eatin grin came on my face I LIKE IT was what i said out loud. Dan u r 100% right Thanks .
rooster57 said:
Bed is still in the back of the van next weekend will be warmer.

Jeez, tell the wife you're sorry. Maybe you'll get inside to the couch. :D


For the record... I used all my restraint and made no references to it being a great hen house!
Rooster....... that kicks major AZZ!!!
I know isn't that the coolest feeling when you finally get to see it coming along into it's final shape? :lol: When I got my body on, like you just did, I turned to my Sons and said "that's gonna be a bitchin' little hot rod!" :lol:

Yours looks great..................won't be long now bud.

I know its almost to the driving part instead of talkin about driving it. I am Ready!!!!
All I can say is if that was my hotrod, even the silly chicken would be all grins :cool:
Mike in ep
Headers have turnouts, and this is the color we r goin with.

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