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Body Dimensions


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Is there anywhere I can get a schematic of a body with turtle deck. I just inherited a 1961 Olds F 85 that I don't want but it is solid. I am concidering cutting it up and building my own body on a T frame. It's hard to explain. Here is an example.
[ame=[media=youtube]tLGOt0436Wk[/media] - Lunar Lander 0001[/ame]
Does what I am asking make sense?
shades of Ed Roth, from the video, someone does great work ,better than great, AWESOME!!!!!!
Go to Class Glass and Performance and look at their 27 T body. At the bottom of the page is a good drawing with dimensions on their 3" wider
body. You should be able to get started there.

good luck,
At first i didnt get the facination then as it came together WOW some one has a very good eye for cool. I am converted.
Thank you for that link to the 27. The plan is to build a skeleton for the body, hang all the parts and fab it from there. I need to do the body and then figure out a frame for it.
Individuality is what this hobby is all about and that is cool .I would like to know how many hours they had in that car?

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